"Meditating, even for the first time, for thirty minutes a day for two weeks has been scientifically shown to induce neuroplasticity. This is what allows the brain to form new pathways."
lazyyogi on the benefits of meditating.
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Devngosha in the City of Angels.
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JADE is in Lima leaving this tiny piece on the streets.
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Li HIll in USA.
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Laguna just dropped this dreamy unrealistic painting in Spain. 
I couldn’t believe it was real. 

"Listen to the music in the background of your life."
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Fikos Antonios in Greece. 
What do you think of this one?
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Small but clever piece by Ernest Zacharevic in Barcelona.
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Hopare in Morocco.
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Borondo is an old painting master reborn in a modern artist.
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Invader has been invading Paris…
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Know Hope and Aakass Nihalani. painted this mural in NYC.
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PIxel Pancho.
London, UK.
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"Loosing Hope."
Lime, Peru.
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Adno. Moscow  02 Mar, 2014
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Case - Berlin, Germany